How Long Does It Take to Complete a Real Estate Course

Our courses are designed to present the key material similar to a powerpoint presentation. The courses include drag and drop exercises, scenario based exercises and other technigues to make learning fun. It is NOT like reading chapters in a book.

The pace of the course is determined by how much time can be spent working on the course. We recommend completing a Pre-Licensing or SAE course in 1 to 2 weeks.
Success tip: Make a study schedule that fits your personal life and stick to it.

The amount of time to complete a course depends on how much time is available to work on them, but they can be completed quickly. The shortest time a course can be completed by Texas Real Estate Commission regulations is 3 days. The courses are measured in hours and mnay students complete a 30 hour course in approximately one week.

To summarize, some of our students complete the courses in a few days if they can devote full time to it. Other students that work full time or are raising a family may take longer to complete a 30 hour course. The most common length of time is one to two weels.