Information About Proctoring

The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) requires the final course exam for all of the Pre-Licensing and SAE 30-hour courses to be a proctored exam.

Texas State Online uses a third party company that specializes in online proctoring and provides this service to many schools.

The fee is $9.00 per course.


1. When you have completed the course study material and are ready to take the course final exam, you will be prompted to schedule a time with the proctor service.

2. You must take the exam on a computer or laptop with a webcam, microphone and speakers. Tablets and cell phones cannot be used.

3. At the appointment time, log into the proctoring website and click "Start Exam". If there are any pop-ups, click "Yes" or "OK".

4. Have your drivers license, military ID or passport to show the proctor. You are also allowed to have a simple calculator that is not programmable, clean sheet of paper and a pencil.

5. Other than this, your desk or work area must be clean. Books, papers, notes, cellphones, etc. are not permissable.

6. The proctor will ask you some questions using chat. You will be able to see the proctor and they will be able to see you.

7. The proctor will notify you when you can begin the exam. By state law, the exam is multiple choice and a passing score is 70%.

8. Upon completion of the exam, you will get your results immediately.

The Texas Real Estate Commission rules allow students to take the course final exam two times and if the exam is not successfully completed on the second attempt, Texas law requires students to re-take the course before registering to take the exam again.

For more specific information and all of the details, call us at 713-503-8958.

Texas State Online can answer your questions regarding proctoring.